My name is Ruth Greaves and my aim is to produce beautifully made soft furnishings which will adorn your home for years to come.  I specialise in well-crafted curtains and roman blinds with meticulous attention to detail and those finishing touches which make all the difference.  I make them in your choice of fabric, although I am always willing to provide advice when you are still at the stage of deciding the style, type and weight of the fabric that would be best suited to each situation.


I make lined and interlined curtains and also sheer curtains.  All my curtains (apart from the sheers) have hand-stitched hems; the interlined ones also have hand-stitched sides.  They are all weighted to ensure that they hang well.  Curtains can also have borders or trims added for further interest.


1: The traditional style - where the cords are wound around a cleat, which is fixed to the edge of the window.  This type comes with a covered wooden batten, ready to hang.  I use wooden dowelling for the rods and a wooden weight bar at the hem.  

2: The more recent type has a ratchet system - a chain at the side of the head-rail operates the cords and the blind will stay in any position without the need to fix it.  The advantage of this system is that it can cope with much heavier blinds with ease; also some people prefer not having to fix the blinds manually.  The fittings which I use for these blinds are very discreet and come with a choice of chain options; the rods are fine and are stainless steel.  They also have a metal weight bar at the hem.

With both these types of blinds, I make the rod pockets from the lining material and then hand-stitch along the rod pockets from the reverse side, so that there is absolutely no stitching showing to the front.  This is something that you will not find very often and it makes the blinds much more special as well as making the most of your fabric.

Roman blinds can be lined or lined and interlined.

I also make cushions, with or without piping.  I can get any shape of cushion pad that you would like, synthetic or natural (feather).

​I also alter existing curtains and blinds.

Other sewing work considered.


Measurements can be taken if required.