Pencil Pleat Heading 

This is the most widely used heading and can come in 2 inches, 3 inches, or 6 inches.  The 3-inch is the most all-purpose depth.  Which one you choose depends on the size of your curtains and the effect you wish to achieve.  This heading can be used with a pole or a track.


This is a heading to be used with a pole.  The eyelets vary in size to fit the pole.  Also they come in a range of colours: bronze, silver, black, white, gunmetal grey, gold, etc.

Tab Top

This is an informal heading.  The loops of material that form the 'tabs' can be as long or as short, and as thick or as thin, as you wish.  Also they can spaced as near together or as far apart as desired.  Decorative details could be added, such as a binding of a contrasting colour. This is a heading to be used only with a pole.

French or Pinch Pleats

This is a very elegant heading formed by hand, and then hand and machine stitched.  The pleats can be made either double or triple, and the spacing and depth can be varied.  Decorative touches such as buttons, in the same or contrasting fabric, can be added at the base.  Also, edges or trimmings could be added.  This heading can be used with a pole or a track.  If used with a pole, the tops of the pleats will touch the bottom of the pole.  With a track, the pleasts will cover the track.

Goblet Pleats 

These are a variation of French Pleats, where the pleat is formed into a cup which is stuffed with wadding.  Again, decorative touches can be added.  This is is a very formal heading that can be used with a pole or a track.